Saturday, 27 March 2010

GQ at Selfridges

GQ waltzed into Selfridges on Thursday night with a promise of fashion and more importantly goody bags and they didn't disappoint. Showcasing key trends from the spring summer season, the magazine and Selfridges highlighted a brilliant variety of clothing. Most notably, tailoring, use of primary colours and the traveller look. Take a look at the pics above from the event held at Selfridges Exchange Square.

Kick-Ass Review

Kick-Ass premiered last week amongst a blaze of publicity. Produced by Brad Pitt, directed by Matthew Vaughn and penned by Jonathan Ross' Mrs.; Jane Goldman. It was bound to garner some press attention especially as it features a 12 year old assassin called Hit Girl who only answers to her vigilante father "Big Daddy". Funnily enough the Daily mail took issue with that. Publicity and big names aside the film opened in cinemas yesterday and whilst we had high hopes, they weren't completely dashed. It's not so much a criticism but the film flits from comedy, to fantasy and right back to drama and more often than not it does it in a clumsy manner. Ok, so maybe it was a criticism. But the transition was not as smooth as one would have hoped for. Highpoints for us funnily enough came in the form of "Hit Girl". Perhaps because she was a foul mouthed child assassin that riled the Daily Mail but she was often the highlight and saviour of the film in more ways than one. A particular low point for us came in the form of Christopher "McLovin"Mintz-Plasse whose ropey acting and clunky dialogue left us questioning the longevity of his career post Superbad. Aaron Johnson did well as the hero of the film with impressive acting and a thoroughly convincing American accent. Overall the film is a good watch, providing some laughs, drama and a strong plot but we couldn't help feel it didn't achieve its full potential.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Evans 'to play Captain America'

Actor Chris Evans is to play Captain America in an upcoming Marvel film, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The First Avenger: Captain America will be directed by Joe Johnston.
Captain America was first thought up to help encourage patriotic feeling during World War II.
The superhero first appeared nine months before the Pearl Harbor bombings, punching Adolf Hitler on the cover of the comic's first issue.

Cheryl Cole doing what she does for a living

We don't know about you but this restores our faith in reality singing competitions

Thursday, 18 March 2010

P Diddy and Crystal Palace may collaborate

None other than the BBC are reporting that P Diddy is thinking of moving into the football business. With the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy's publicist confirming the matter to the Beeb, the administrator of Crystal Palace has said he would "welcome an approach" by the rap star. Mr Guilfoyle, of The P&A Partnership financial firm, said he was "a big hip-hop fan" and would be "delighted if P-Diddy wanted to buy Crystal Palace". In January, Palace had 10 points deducted after going into administration. They are currently fourth from bottom in the Championship having previously been pushing for a play-off place.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Wish List

Everyone has a wish list. Stuff you just can't quite afford yet. And whilst Selfridges don't do instalments, we scrimp and save to indulge ourselves in the latest must have items. Here is what we want and are waiting for at QanMag.

1) Mini One

2) Tom Ford Sunglasses

3) Burberry Trench Coat

4) Deepika Pandukone

We'll keep you updated if we ever tick any of these off our list. What's on your wishlist?

Fiddy tells us to expect the unexpected

According to reports 50 Cent is recording a dance album, inspired by his trips to European clubs. 50 said: "I went to a nightclub after party. It was different music after a while. The music they were playing before they were playing the music I created was more up-tempo, more dance.

"I wanted to make a song like that, so I went into the studio. Because I'm travelling with my live band, I took the band with me and we sequenced it and recorded the actual record while we was out there."

In an attempt to improve lacklustre sales He added: "I won't allow myself to be placed in a box where I can only do one style, or do one kind of music.

"They should expect the unexpected on this one. If they can understand how I enjoy different genres of music and different styles, for the people who have various tastes in music, they'll really like it." we're not gonna hold our breath on this one.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Whilst Oscar fashion for men often proves to be particularly dull. Three gents stood out from the crowd on Sunday's red carpet. Tom Ford always cuts a dapper figure because well quite frankly he's Tom Ford. Woody Harrelson breaks the mould in a custom designed Burberry tux made entirely out of hemp. And finally Robert Downey Jr brings the cool by rocking a blue bow tie and trainers.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Is LeBron James Changing Numbers?

According to reports, LeBron James filed paperwork with the NBA to change his uniform number from No. 23 to No. 6. The move is particularly savvy as collectors will now scurry for current No. 23 LeBron jerseys and Fans will add the No. 6 LeBron jerseys to their list of must-have items. Some fans are defending LeBron's number swap as simply a way for him to further distinguish himself from Michael Jordan. But most believe that Once LeBron switches numbers, his next merchandise windfall will be very, very significant.

New Gorillaz

Gorillaz feat. Bobby Womack & Mos Def– Stylo from Georgi Nedelchev on Vimeo.

Gorillaz feat. Bobby Womack & Mos Def– Stylo. The video features a cameo than none other than Bruce Willis

Monday, 1 March 2010

Doctor Who(?)

The new Doctor who cuts a dapper figure in a shoot for Esquire magazine. Matt smith talks of how he only began considering acting after his promising football career was cut short. The actor was tipped to become a professional footballer, playing for Leicester City and Nottingham Forest youth teams. But an injury at the age of 16 forced him to give up the game, and led him to take up drama.

Gemma Arterton plays coy

Despite vamping it up in the tedious "Quantum of Solace" Gemma Arterton thinks she was 'not hot enough' to play a Bond girl and that she is 'really average'. Needless to say she decided the best way to display this would be in a sexy GQ shoot. Gemma fronts the April issue of the British issue which is on sale Thursday.